Evadata ACT

Customer Protection Intelligence

Evadata Anti-Fraud Collaboration Technology (ACT) is a platform for efficiently sharing information on the latest fraud intelligence, the best anti-fraud strategies, and the most effective fraud prevention training.

An Extended Network of Fraud Fighters in a Single Channel.

ACT is the first-ever fraud prevention tool built specifically for the risk management industry. ACT enables carrier fraud prevention teams to communicate and work together to protect consumers and reduce fraud.  Ready to be part of the solution?

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Key Features


More than just a fraud forum, ACT is a means to communicate with fraud professionals across the industry in a dedicated and monitored channel fit for anti-fraud discussions.


There's no substitute for experience in fraud investigations. Get assistance on the highly complex modern fraud cases from peers throughout the country. As part of membership, Evadata also facilitates a monthly interactive webinar series that features experts in the anti-fraud field and awards continuing education credits.


Your SIU team members can use ACT to work with other carriers on identifying the latest schemes and to brainstorm better prevention techniques. They can also confer with advisors from law enforcement, anti-money laundering, compliance, and data analytics spaces.

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