Evadata Insurance Innovation

Transforming insurance through technology and data innovation

Ready to learn how our tech and data tools can reduce costs and improve the customer experience? 

Working together to accelerate insurance innovation in the life and annuity market.

The Life and Annuities Industry
deserves better technology.

Customer expectations are rising and insurance companies are looking for ways to exceed them. Evadata is working with life and annuity carriers to tackle industry challenges by creating smart technology that gives carriers the opportunity to innovate in the marketplace.

Our products help carriers gain insight, solve problems, reduce expenses – all while making operations easier, not harder.

And, we’re only getting started.

Ensure privacy, security, and compliance at every step.

All Evadata activities:

1. Are conducted in strict compliance with antitrust.
2. Utilize best practice data privacy and data security protocols.
3. Comply with all applicable regulations.

Insurance innovation

Our Customers Include

"Evadata’s fraud prevention forum proved to be a reliable source by providing real time fraud activities, trends and best practices."

Director – Anti-Fraud & Ethics Programs, Compliance

"We have built rapport with industry peers and have used those relationships to grow and advance our fraud prevention efforts."

Corporate Fraud Manager - Cuna Mutual

"Evadata is a tremendous asset in gaining additional knowledge and intel to the current threats we are seeing in the fraud space."

Team Lead - Fraud Prevention, Mass Mutual

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