About Evadata

Evadata was founded to support the advancement of the life and annuity industry so that policyholders benefit from lower premiums, new products, and better customer experiences. We do this by creating data and technology driven solutions with an industry-wide focus.

Headshot of Evadata CEO, John Kapitan

John Kapitan

John is an industry veteran with more than 25 years’ experience in data, modeling, and analytics. He is a team builder who has worked at startups as well as for larger organizations. John is an avid entrepreneur who enjoys building businesses and helping them to scale.

Amit Kirdatt
Head of Engineering

Amit brings more than 20 years of experience building and managing technology products and services. Prior to Evadata, he held various technology leadership and engineering positions in the e-commerce, retail, private equity, healthcare and HR administration industries. Earlier in his career, Amit worked at several startups where he focused on product development, sales, and engineering.

Headshot of Evadata Head of Engineering, Amit Kirdatt
Headshot of Evadata Protect General Manager, Jake Obstfeld

Jake Obstfeld
General Manager Evadata Protect

Jake brings a deep and varied set of experiences to his work at Evadata.  He has worked as a strategy consultant to large financial services companies, done data and modeling work in catastrophe risk management, worked in supply chain improvement, and worked in nonprofit administration in the education world. Jake loves challenges and is driven to achieve Evadata's vision.

Gary Preysner
General Manager Evadata Exchange

Gary Preysner is a seasoned strategic consultant with more than 25 years of experience as a senior confidante and advisor to many of the world’s largest insurance companies. Gary is the owner of Ironwood Consulting Group, a boutique firm that specializes in operational improvement, strategy, and strategic sourcing. Gary was previously a founding partner of the Mitchell Madison Group, where he created the highly successful insurance practice de novo.

Headshot of Evadata Exchange General Manager, Gary Preysner
Headshot of Evadata Insights General Manager, Brandy Davis-Balsamo

Brandy Davis-Balsamo
General Manager Evadata Insights

Brandy has spent the last 15 years working with startups to deliver—better and faster, leveraging technology and data as a strategic advantage. As a product leader and entrepreneur, Brandy is committed to building scalable products and services that continually add value to both the business and end-users.

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