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What is Evadata?

Evadata is a company that provides life and annuity carriers with data, technology, and processing capabilities for the benefit of policyholders.

What is Evadata's technology approach?

Evadata is building a modern-day cloud based platform that follows best practices and standards in security, privacy, and user experience.

What companies does Evadata work with?

Evadata supports primary insurers in the life and annuity market and the policyholders they serve.

Evadata ACT Product

How can I access a product demo?

We would be happy to give you a tour of ACT. Send us a note via our contact form and we will get back to you right away.

What is Evadata ACT ?

Evadata Anti-Fraud Collaboration Technology (ACT) is a community platform for sharing fraud intelligence, anti-fraud strategies, and the most effective fraud prevention training.

Why should I add ACT to my fraud prevention toolset?

ACT is an integral tool for carrier fraud prevention teams that provides: 1. A secure forum where carriers can ask questions of one another and of experts, gather market intelligence, and discuss new trends 2. Access to a robust Knowledge Repository of best practices, surveys, and recommendations 3. Compliance wikis on state fraud requirements and law enforcement expertise 4. Weekly threat digest of fraud and cyber threats 5. Monthly expert webinars on critical topics in fighting insurance fraud.

Evadata DataPoint Product

What is Evadata DataPoint?

Evadata DataPoint is a contributory data service for emerging and underrepresented risks. With DataPoint carriers contribute de-identified data on risk themes of interest and that data is processed and aggregated into high-quality, easily ingestible datasets and analysis for carrier use.

What is the value of contributory databases?

Contributory databases can improve pricing accuracy, benchmarking, risk segmentation and benefit consumers through new product development and lower rates.

Evadata LENS Product

What is Evadata LENS?

Evadata Life Event Notification Service (LENS) accelerates the claim process by improving death notification speed and decision making by processing data across carriers for common customers. In addition, it incorporates the Death Master File, state data, and obituary data, allowing carriers to get all necessary information from one provider.

What can LENS solve for my business?

LENS's faster and more accurate notifications of policyholder life events can have many impacts for carriers: 1. Improved customer experience 2. Reduced unclaimed property liability 3. Reduced interest and overpayment expenses 4. Fraud investigation alerts for common customers 5. Faster decision times and reduced claims processing resources.

Evadata Procure Product

What is Evadata Procure?

Evadata Procure is a service that helps carriers expand the number of external data studies they can perform. With Procure, Evadata handles all the steps between hearing about a vendor and getting an understanding of their data as it relates to your business.

Why should we consider Procure for external data studies?

Carriers spend months going through their individual procurement processes just to find out whether it is worth moving forward with a particular vendor. This approach limits the number of studies a carrier can do and prevents carriers from finding the best matches for their business faster. With Procure, carriers can conduct more studies for less cost and know sooner which vendors to prioritize.

Evadata Risk Market Data Product

What is Evadata Risk Market Data?

The external data market is evolving rapidly along with the massive investments in digital health. Risk Market Data is a one-stop shop for staying abreast of the providers and developments in this industry. This product is tailored to life & annuity market buyers. It is an efficient means to identify and compare data providers and sources.

Where can I go for a demo?

We would be happy to give you a tour of Risk Market Data. Send us a note via our contact form and we will get back to you right away.